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Rundown of the fashion at the Percy wedding (go here to see photos of everyone’s outfits):

The Bride, Lady Melissa Percy:  I’m not a huge fan of the gown.  It seems too plain for me and the sleeves make it look dated for some reason.  I love the tiara, though.  I’m a sucker for a nice tiara.

The bridesmaid, Chelsy Davy:  This is the best I have ever seen Chelsy look, and I am not a huge fan of her fashion.  In fact, most of the time I think she needs a make-over.  Chelsy’s dress is a nice color on her, the shape is flattering, and her hair and jewelry is wonderful.  Overall, Chelsy killed it in this outfit.  Cardinal sin, I know, but I think Chelsy looks better than the bride. And I’m apparently not the only one to notice. The Daily Mail has an article about how Chelsy “stole the show” in her “slinky” dress. I could do without the slight digs at Chels, but I do agree that Chelsy looked amazing and might have outshined the bride.

The other bridesmaid, Lady Katie:  I don’t like this dress as much as Chelsy’s.  Chelsy definitely wins the bridesmaid-off.

Prince Harry’s current flame, Cressida Bonas:  I think Cressida looks really tacky.  The blue and white maxi dress might look good on its own, but paired with the sparkly blue disco jacket and the sparkly silver disco shoes it looks more like she’s going to a 70’s party rather than the society wedding of the year.

The pages and flower girls:  They look so adorable in their fairy outfits!

Pippa Middleton:  I think Pippa either needs a better bra or needs to straighten her shoulders, because her boobs are looking saggy.  As for the outfit, it’s ok, it’s not great.  I’m not a huge fan of the busy pattern and the hat is just awful.

Princess Eugenie:  Eugenie looks really nice and put together in her turquoise dress and jacket with nude/cream hat and heels.  Usually Eugenie’s fashion is questionable, but this looks really great.

Princess Beatrice:  Beatrice is in a blue dress with black hat and heels.  The hat is atrocious and the ginormous heels are too much for a wedding.  The dress is a nice color and looks great with her hair, but the cut is not flattering to her body.

Holly Branson:  Holly looks really pretty.  Her outfit is a nice look for a summer wedding.

Quick shout out to the boys: All the boys looked nice in their morning suits, but I’m a tux kind of girl. Nothing beats a man in a tux. Except a man in an army uniform!

Quick shout out to who wasn’t there: No Katie Middleton! Unfortunately the Daily Mail focused their attention on Pippa because Kate wasn’t there and gave Pips her own article, ugh, but whatever. At least there was no Kate to steal the bride’s spotlight on her day.

Join in the conversation: What did you think of the ladies fashion at the “Royal wedding of the North”?