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Oh my gawd!  The Daily Mail has an article up all about Pippa’s awful style sense.  I have thought for a long time that Pippa had no taste in clothes and didn’t know how to put an outfit together, but the DM continually lauded her dress sense and tried to push on us that Pips was some huge fashion girl.  Well not anymore.  This article completely trashes Pippa’s style.  It’s amazing!  There are some great quips in there, but this quote just sums up her whole style perfectly:

“Time and again, Pippa, 29, appears with clothes like potato sacks, over-made-up panda eyes, a lack of a bra or any sort of upholstery at all — which means her breasts loll rather unfortunately like spaniel’s ears — with her knees exposed knobbly at every occasion.”

Pippa’s clothes never do seem to fit her body right, which is weird since you know she (I mean, her parents—or Uncle Gary) has enough money to spring for a proper tailor.  Both Pippa and Kate have an eyeliner problem: they line their eyes heavily with black eyeliner and it makes them look like raccoons.  Pippa really needs to sort out her bra situation.  At the Percy wedding it looked like she didn’t have on a very good bra, and at the “society wedding of the year” that’s a problem.  Kate has the same problem re hem length.  Kate’s hems are always too short, especially since she got pregnant.

I am quite surprised at this article, not the fact the Pippa has bad taste in clothes (that’s obvious), but the fact that the DM chose to write an article about her bad taste in clothes.  The DM has been up the Middleton’s butt ever since the engagement, and especially since the Middleton’s hired a PR team.  They must not fear any Middleton wrath if they’re writing articles that don’t fawn all over Pips.  It’s nice to see.  The Middleton’s (and the royals, for that matter) work really hard to keep their image going and make the public fawn all over them, to keep the public from realizing how awful they really are and to keep the public from revolting against them.  We need more articles like this one that break the press-made façade that is the high and mighty Middleton clan (and Windsor clan).

Join in: What do you think of Pippa’s style?