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Zara Phillips is due to give birth in January. Her due date is January 14—but according to this Daily Express “exclusive” article she feels like she could give birth at any time.  What I love is that she is planning a simple birth in an NHS hospital in Gloucester—the same hospital where Peter’s wife gave birth to their two daughters—instead of going with a super expensive, private hospital.  What I also love is that Zara totally plans to get back to her career as soon as possible and will take the baby on the eventing circuit with her—just like Anne did with her children.  People were complaining, or criticizing her when she announced that she would continue riding and get back into showing as soon as possible (back when she announced the pregnancy), but I love her for that.  There is no reason for her to give up her career just because she has a baby.  And I doubt she’s planning on taking a ridiculous amount of maternity leave, either (side-eye to Kate Middleton).

Also, Zara is not planning to have any nannies.  I have to side-eye the “no nannies” thing just a bit, only because if she is planning to go back to full-time riding then she will need someone to look after the baby while she is riding and showing, but maybe Mike is planning on following her around and taking care of the baby while she’s busy.  Or Anne or some other family member.  I don’t know.  But good for them if all this is true.

Zara and Mike’s child will be 16th in line to the throne and will not have a royal title.  Anne chose not to have her husband be given any title and so her children do not have any title, so neither Peter’s nor Zara’s children will ever have any royal title.