Kate’s Appearances Totals, 2014

I’m not sure how I’m going to end up formatting this page, but for now this is what I’m going with.

Royal Duties:
11 February: National Portrait Gallery, Portrait Gala. Black tie gala appearance for one of her charities.
14 February: ICAP Art Room. Charity appearance.
17 February: Royal Reception for the Dramatic Arts at Buckingham Palace. Reception appearance with the Queen.
17 March: Kate and William attend St. Patrick’s Day event for the Irish Guards. Royal Duty.

Non-public Royal Duties (engagements the Court Circular claims Kate did, but we, the public, didn’t get to see):
17 March: Kate attended the Chairman’s Dinner at Buckingham Palace as Patron of the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Shopping trips (that we know about):
7 January: Kate went shopping in London’s Sloane Square.
27 March: Kate was seen shopping at Zara.
30 March: Kate went shopping at the Gap for baby clothes.

Vacations (that we know about):
Last week of January: Kate takes George to Mustique with the Middleton clan.
Second week of March: Kate and William vacation in the Maldives without George.

1 thought on “Kate’s Appearances Totals, 2014”

  1. BitchyShoes said:

    You’ll figure it out when she actually does something. LOL!!!


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